1. On your Google Sheets, go to File, then Publish to the web
2. Go to Embed settings and choose the Tabs you want to share
3. Open the Published content & settings options and mark Require viewers to sign in with their Google account if you don't want to make your document public to anyone on the internet. This way, only people who have access to the original file will be able to view the file on Skore.

4. Hit Publish and Ok to confirm
5. Now copy the embed link
6. On Skore, click the blue "+" sign on the upper right corner of your screen.

7. Choose the Text option
8. Click the HTML option and paste the embed code
9. Add the following code after <iframe  :

width="100%" height="800"
This piece of code determines the dimensions which your file will be displayed.

10. Click the HTML option again to load the file
11. Click Next, add a title and a description
12. Save 

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