1. On the YouTube

2. Click on your Profile button in the upper right corner and select Creator Studio;
3. Now on the left menu, select LIVE STREAMING and go to Events;
4. Click the Create live event button;
5. Set the basic info, the privacy settings, and click Go live now;
6. A window named Google Hangouts will open;
7 Click Links in the bottom right corner and copy the URL on the YouTube Page field;
8. Your streaming is ready to start;
9. Now go to Skore and click the Add content button:

10. Scroll to the link option;
11. Type in or paste the live streaming URL and wait for it to load;
12. Edit the content description and fill the insight field;
13. Select the Space where you want to place it;
14. Click the Add button;
15. In the Google Hangouts window, click Start broadcast.

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