1. Open Slideshare and click Upload;
2. When finished, select Private in the Privacy field;
3. Fill the other information and then click Publish;
4. Now click the Privacy Settings button;
5. In the Who can view option, select People with the secret link and add a password if you need;
6. Do not allow users to download selecting No;
7. In the Embed Settings, choose Anywhere and click Update;
8. After saving the changes, scroll to Embed Settings again and copy the Embed code;
9. Now back to the Skore and add text content:

10. A Rich Text Editor will open;
11. Click the HTML field button <> in the left corner and then paste the embed code provided from SlideShare;
12. Locate in width = "427" and change the value to width = "100%";
13. Now find </ iframe> on the text and delete everything after it;
14. Click Next;
15. Now write the content description and fill the insight field;
16. Select the Space where you want to place it;
17. Click the Save button. Done!

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