Does your team use Slack? Did you know that Skore has developed a free Slack integration called Paperbot? It is a chatbot that automatically collects the links your team shares on Slack channels and organizes them for you.

If you are the Primary Owner or an Admin of your team on Slack, install Paperbot and connect it with Skore. This allows you to send links to Skore directly from Slack channels that the bot is invited to.

Here's how it works:

1. Install Paperbot in your Slack account

2. On Skore, click settings on the left menu, then click integrations 

4. Click the "+" sign next to Paperbot for Slack and copy the connection key number. It should look like this:


5. Now send a direct message to Paperbot saying:

@paperbot skore connect 6adfOb1a38cc62f6f74dfr2610o7m6a24667b937a4c8d6d3918129c3dcc23a05

Done! The bot will send you a direct message at the end of the day with the links you shared and a button to add to Skore.

By default, clicking the button Add to Skore  sends the link to your feed on Skore. From there, feel free to edit the content and organize however you like.

Note: In order for Paperbot to properly identify your Skore account, the e-mail addresses registered on your Skore and Slack accounts must match.

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