There's a lot of different things you can use Skore for. Here are some of the most common use cases:


As your company grows, keeping everyone on the same page gets harder. Make new hires feel welcome and help them hit the ground running. Sharing documents and links that address questions that often come up during the ramp up phase can make your onboarding process much more efficient. 


Make sure your sales team has what it needs to succeed. Share customer and product information like decks, brochures and pricing sheets on Skore and integrate shared documents (i.e. Google Drive) to have them automatically synced as they get updated.


For a more structured experience, organize your content using a course style. Guide users through a sequence of material they should look at, assign tasks, add quizzes and follow their progress with insightful analytics. 

Have a different project in mind? Let us know and we're happy to help you with your specific need.

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