You invest a lot of time and energy to hire the best talents to your business. An effective onboarding is the best thing you can do to cause a great first impression and get new hires up to speed in no time. This will help you not only improve their experience but also increase productivity from day one.

  • Design your onboarding program: think about all the insights and the information that must be conveyed so people feel integrated with your culture and with your processes. Don't overdo it. There will be time for more, later. Focus on the things that will create a positive and inspiring first impression.
  • Collect material with your team: things like videos, presentations, links, shared documents, etc. For example, this Google Drive lists all they can find on Skore.¬†
  • Create a space for your onboarding program.
  • Organize sections and add content.¬†
  • Invite others to test your space with you. Make sure the information is accurate and clear.
  • Launch to the whole team.
  • Measure the results: follow their progress with the analytics tool and ask for feedback.
  • Learn and iterate.

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We hope this helps you welcome your new team members the best way possible. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. We're happy to help!

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