Once you create a space in Skore, you can choose from four different page styles. They are four different forms to organize your content inside a Space. You can always edit an existing space to change the way it looks.


This page style shows all the contents at once on the same page divided by sections. This allows for a quick access to any content on the space and it's best suitable for contents that can be consumed more freely by the users, like blog posts, articles or podcasts.


The Topic Guide page style presents the sections collapsed like folders. Inside, contents are organized in an ordered list. This makes this page style the best choice for contents that must be presented in a certain order like a video series or an article divided into various parts.


This page style also shows all the contents on the same page but without any separation. You can filter the content on screen by selecting one of the collections. This page style is ideal for topics that are constantly changing like news.


The Course page style presents the contents in a path divided into chapters. All courses are grouped together in the courses area. This style is obviously suitable for courses and trainings, but a course can evolve from a collection of contents that got bigger and denser.

You can change back and forth between all the styles as you like. Experiment and find what style makes more sense to the space that you're creating.

Go ahead, add some content and start playing with the page styles. Let us know if you you need any help in the process ;)

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