How to enable this feature?
The admin of the workspace can enable this feature accessing the Advanced Configurations (Settings > Workspace Configurations > Options > Advanced) and selecting the option "Enable terms of use for spaces". After that click on the "Update" button to save the new configuration.

How does this feature work?
If the feature is enabled, whenever you're creating a new space or editing an existing one which requires an acceptance term for the use you can enable its creation by activating the button where it says "Would you like to add terms of use to this content?"

There you can create the term. When you've finished click on "Save" button to put it live. From now on, everybody who wants to see the contents of this space/course needs to accept the term.

Extracting the acceptance data
An admin of the workspace must enter in contact with our support team clicking on the "?" icon or send an e-mail to and ask for the data.

The support team will provide you with a link to download comma-separated values (.CSV) file with the data of the users whose accepted the term.

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