Comma-separated values (or CSV) is a file format that stores tabular data as text files.

  • Each column is separated by a comma and space;
  • The line break separates the rows.

CSV files are used to import new users' information in batches into Skore or to update existing users' information just as easily. Here's how to create one:

1. Using Excel, create a spreadsheet with the columns: 

Cell A1 | Email*: An e-mail is required to identify the user, send notifications and password recovery messages.
Cell B1 | Name*: Also required to identify the user.
Cell C1 | Username: Can be used as an alternative to login.
Cell D1 | Role: Determines access level for each user and can be set as admin, expert or student. When not specified, users are invited as students by default.
Cell E1 | Password: Setting a password, you skip the invitation email.
Cell F1 | Team(s): Teams set in this field will be automaticaly created on Skore. You can add as many teams as you want, separated by pipes ( | ).

*Email and name are required. All other fields are optional.

Click here to download the model.

2. The first row (email, name, username, role, password and team labels) is just for reference and will be ignored when imported to Skore;
3. Complete the blank fields with users information (e.g.:, John Doe, Student, temp_password01, John, Team_Acme) always in this order;
4. When finished, make sure that there's no special characters on the spreadsheet (unicode characters and symbols) and replace them;
5. Save the file in .CSV format and then confirm the changes;
6. Now close the file and ignore the Excel request to save again;
7. Open the file in Notepad;
8. Make sure that the fields are separated by a comma and, if not, click the Edit menu and select Replace ...;
9. Find and Replace all semicolon (;) to comma (,);
10. Save the file.

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