How do I invite a new user to Skore?

  1. Access Settings > Invites;
  2. Click on the button Invite a new user;
  3. Fill in the email, select the teams, select a role and click Send

Skore will send an invitation via e-mail. By the way, it's possible to customize this e-mail. This is done on Settings > Notifications.

How do I resend or cancel a sent invitation?

  1. Access Settings > Invites; 
  2. Locate the user (or search using user's e-mail) and click Resend or Cancel on the respective row;
  3. If you have chosen the resend option, a window will open with the confirmation. If you have chosen the cancellation option, click Delete to confirm the action.

May I send invitations to multiple users at once?

Yes, that's precisely why our famous CSV file exists. We explain how to setup a CSV file below. Once this file is ready, just follow the steps:

  1. Acess Settings > Invites;
  2. Click options in the right corner and select import csv;
  3. Locate the *.csv file in your local directory and upload it;
  4. That's it! Now you only need to wait for the file to be processed and the e-mail with the result.

What's the difference between Skore user roles? 

User types: the three roles and the leader

Users on Skore can have 3 different roles:


Students may access content and interact with it by answering questions and exams, liking, bookmarking and commenting.


Experts can do everything the student does, but they may also add new contents with or without questions. They may also create sections within spaces. Finally, they can edit contents and delete contents they have added themselves.


Admins can, of course, do everything the expert does, but they can also create and edit spaces, invite and delete users, create customizations, and change some visual environment settings.

In addition to these three roles, there is another type of user, the team leader. Leaders are those users who do not have administrator permission but can see their followers' data. To set a user as leader, you need to enter their e-mail in the rows corresponding to their followers on that CSV file that is used to update / register users. We tell you more details about this procedure below.

How do I edit user's information?

  1. Access Settings > Users;
  2. Click the user you would like to edit;
  3. Edit, however you'd like, name, e-mail, profile picture (in Choose file…), teams and role;
  4. Once finished, click Save.

The gif below demonstrates this process. Pretty simple, right? =)

What are teams and how do I create them?

Skore's teams have everything to do with permission to view contents. A public space (and therefore all of its contents) is allowed to every company user, regardless of their teams. However, contents from a private space will only be permitted (accessible) to users who belong to one or more teams that can access this space.

To create a new team: 

  1. Access Settings > Teams;
  2. Click new team on the right corner;
  3. Enter the new team's name and select access permissions (spaces);
  4. Click Save to confirm.

To create new teams, it is also possible to use the CSV file, which is explained below.

How do I create the CSV file?

Comma-separated values (or CSV) is a file format that stores tabular data as text files.

  • Each column is separated by a comma and space;
  • The line break separates the rows.

CSV files are used to import new users information in batches into Skore or to update existing users information just as easily. Here's how to create one:

  1. Access our example file clicking here.
  2. Make a copy going to File > Make a copy.
  3. Access your copy and edit it following the instructions below: 

Cell A1 | Email*: An e-mail is required to identify the user, send notifications and password recovery messages.
Cell B1 | Name*: Also required to identify the user.
Cell C1 | Username: Can be used as an alternative to logging in.
Cell D1 | Role: Determines access level for each user and can be set as admin, expert or student. When not specified, users are invited as students by default.
Cell E1 | Password: Setting a password, you skip the invitation email.
Cell F1 | Team(s): Teams set in this field will be automatically created on Skore. You can add as many teams as you want, separated by pipes ( | ).
Cell G1 | Leader(s) email: Here, you can configure a user as a leader and they'll be able to see their followers' data. To do it, you only need to fill this column with the email from the leader on the follower row. If a follower has more than one leader you need to separate them with pipes ( | ).

*Email and name are required. All other fields are optional.

Once the file is ready, save in  .CSV format going to File > Download as... > Comma-separated values (.csv, current sheet).

Now your file is ready for upload at Skore. To do it, access the Invitations area on the Settings menu. At the end of the process, you'll receive an email with the registry of the alterations and possible errors. If you got any error, access the error line, correct it and upload the file again.

What happens if I fill in the password column in the CSV file?

If you fill in the column with the password, we will not send the invitation email and the user will be automatically created in Skore. Then you must communicate to the users the creation of their account and pass on some important information. It would be cool when communicating users if you would inform:

  • The access address:;
  • The login: email or username;
  • The password: The default password you set;
  • Ask users to change the password after the first login;
  • Ask users to put a photo on their profile. 📸 This will help make your environment look like your own. =)
  • Tell admins and experts about our help channels;
  • Help center:
  • Support e-mail:

Once imported, users will not appear in the invitations area. Only after processing by the platform will users appear directly in the users area.

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