Web Links upload:

You can include: 

  • Youtube links
  • Vimeo links
  • Links from another site
  • Google Drive 
  • Any internet link

Inserting a Web link is pretty simple. Just copy the desired link and paste it:

  1. If you are in the student's page, in the side menu, go to 'admin';
  2. On the admin area, click on the circle button with the '+' sign on the right-top corner;
  3. Click on the link and paste the internet file you want to appear on Skore;
  4. After including the link, set the title, write the description and allocate the content in a space and section;
  5. Click in add!

All set! Your content will be on the chosen space!

Web links visualization in Skore:

Google Drive Links: 

To embed Google Drive content and other Google documents into Skore, just follow the same steps of Upload Web Links.

Remember that, to put a google drive link, people will only see this link if they have permission to the document. Just putting the link into Skore doesn't change the permission of the document on google.

Google Drive has a documentation benefit that when editing the file on google drive it will automatically update the document in Skore without the administrator having to re-register the content.

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