Missions are using when the admin wanna make the contents available an logic and sequencial way. This feature is analogy a course, for example.

Using missions is possible direct contents or trail to an determined audience or to everyone.

Through of reports finding all the informations about the user's progress in one mission, for example: initial date, conclusion, scores, time to conclusion etc.

Progress' checkmark are triggered as the user consumes the contents. In addition, it is possible to set a minimum percentage to pass exams and also choose the number of exam retries and the time interval between exams.

The contents that can be part of a mission are the most diverse: pdf, videos, scorm, applique, typeform, exams, text, activities linked to content, among others.

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New features in Missions:

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  • Enrollment: everytime that one user have available mission, this needs to enroll in the mission for the steps to be available.
  • Due date: Include an alarm date for completing a mission:
  • Free steps - possibility of setting up a trail, giving the user the experience of entering, seeing the order determined by the administrator, but navigating freely between steps.
  • Sequential Steps: In this mode, to complete the track, it is necessary to consume the contents in a certain order, being mandatory to follow the sequence established by the administrator to conclude:
  • Controllers: possibility to lock part of the trail by date, or by time of enrollment in the mission:

*A mission can have several controllers in different steps.

  • Examination retries: Examinations in Skore can be configured as retrialable exams, or exams where retrying is not an option.

In the image below:
'exam 1' shows the platform response when the exam has no retry
'exam 2, with retry' shows the behavior of the platform when the retry is configured.
'exam 3', the return of the platform when the user passes the established success criterion.

  • Instant progress when completing a step;
  • Mission completion feedback:
  • Success criteria: In each step of the mission it is possible to configure a different success criterion.


  • Access only success criterion: the user only needs to access the content to mark the progress;
  • Success criteria for approval;

Percentage 0% - The user does not need to reach a minimum percentage to pass, but needs to finish the activities to complete the progress in the step.

Percentage> 1% - The user must pass the minimum exam percentage in order to complete progress in the step.

  • Success criterion of approval type, it is possible to configure the number of retries + interval setting between retries.

  • Consumption Success Criterion:

If the admin defines this success criterion, the user will need to consume 80% of the content for it to be marked as done. If it consumes a smaller percentage, the information will go to the Looker but the information will go to the Looker but the step will not appear complete for the user.

If you have any questions, please contact (support@skore.io).

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