Troubleshoot: Paperbot not collecting my links

Updated 3 months ago by Luis

Due to the high demand of teams and users in the platform, sometimes our bot goes offline for specific teams and, while it's offline, it loses the ability to properly track what's going on. This can cause an issue where the bot is added to a channel and not realize it. We are working very hard to release a full new version of Paperbot which should solve this and many other reported issues. Meanwhile, here are a couple of things you can try to do to restore on your own:

1. Make sure the bot is online for you in Slack

Just check under the "Apps" section of your Slack menu bar. Green means online. 😄

Go to a channel and make sure the bot is on the channel list of members. 

If the bot isn't there, invite it via the Slack command /invite @paperbot

When you add a link to a channel, two things should happen:

  • You should see these emojis showing that Paperbot processed your link:

What to do if the bot is offline?

Please, let us know by clicking on the chat icon here on the right so we can reset its connection with your team.

Usually, kicking the bot out of the channel and inviting again fixes it. If that is not helping you, please let us know so we can help you resolve the issue.

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