Configuring the Chef

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The Chef is our current content recommendation system. Its 'recipes' are delivered as a content block on Skore's page.

To configure a recipe, it is necessary to define the flows (name), audiences (audience), contents (type and id) and weights (throttle).

To better understand what the Chef is, check out this article here.

The recipe's configuration is made in a spreadsheet as in the image below:

Flows (name)

A flow is a topic into which you would like your collaborators to go deeper or to be consumed with more priority than other contents on the platform.

Within the same flow it is possible to insert different types, which means you may bring content from different places in your catalogue in Skore to a specific flow.

To understand Skore's catalogue, click here.

Audience (audience)

For each flow you may determine audiences corresponding to Skore teams.

Contents (type and id)

The contents of each recipe line can be either an entire space, a section or a single content. For that, it is necessary to determine its type in the type column and its id in the next column.

If you don't know what the ID is or how to find it, click here.

Weight (throttle)

The weight is defined in the throttle column. It determines which of the flows are most likely to appear on the page. Its values goes from 1 to 10.

Recipe (recipe)

A recipe generates a content block. You can only create one recipe per spreadsheet, so insert the same name in every row!

Strategy (goal)

Here we define the chef's exhibition strategy. For now it's only possible to select discovery - which means showing random content. In this strategy, every time the user reloads the page, new content (not yet consumed) will be shown.

Ok, but how does it work in practice?

In the example, we have 3 flows. One is the Treinamento de vendas (Sales Training), whose audience is only the Time de Vendas (Sales Team).

Sales Training - Weight 10

The other two flows are Liderança (Leadership) and Gestão Interna (Internal Management). Because they are necessary for all employees, they were created with the Vendas (Sales), RH (HR), and Produto (Product) teams as audience.

Leadership - Weight 8

Internal Management - Weight 6

It's possible to define the number of flows that the chef will show at a time and how many contents per flow will be shown. This is configured in the page, so talk to your CS.

Here we will show the recommended format: 3 flows of only 1 content at a time for each one.

For the HR and Product teams, 2 contents will be shown at a time, one for Leadership and one for Internal Management. This is because they are the only flows configured for this audience in the recipe.

Product and HR teams' view

For the sales team, contents from each of the 3 flows will be shown.

Sales' team view

After a user consumes a content, the chef takes away its recommendation to that user. Thus, only content that has not yet been consumed by the user will appear in the recommendation.

If there were more than 3 flows in this recipe, the flows most likely to appear each time the page is updated are the ones with the greatest weight.

Kitchen summary

In a chef's recipe, you define content flows and their priorities based on their weights. These flows can be composed of content from different spaces and will be filtered by the audiences defined by you.

I hope that this article will help you generate great recommendations for your collaborators. For further questions, contact your CS or our support team. :)

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