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You may add: 

  • YouTube links;
  • Vimeo links;
  • TED Talks links;
  • Google Docs Editors links;
  • Basically any internet link.

Adding a Web link is pretty simple. Just copy the desired link and paste it:

  1. If you are in the student version of Skore, click Go to Admin on the sidebar;
  2. In the admin area, click on the Add content icon (+);
  3. Choose the option Link and paste the link you want to include;
  4. After including the link, set the title, write the description and allocate the content in a space and section;
  5. Click Add.

All set! Your content will be on the chosen space and section!

Google Docs Editors 

To embed Google contents (Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides) in Skore, just follow the same steps described above.

Remember that when you insert a Google link, users will only see this document if they have permission to access it. Just inserting the link into Skore doesn't change the document's permission on Google.

Updates made on these documents will automatically show up on Skore, saving the admin from having to substitute the content in Skore.

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