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In this article we'll teach you how to:

  • Change content covers;
  • Change section covers;
  • Change space covers;
  • Change the workspace's primary color;
  • Change the images in invitation and notifications e-mails;
  • Everything about customizations.

Content is obviously a fundamental part of the platform. However, it is not the only important factor to generate user engagement.

The personalization of your workspace can guarantee a bigger interest from the students to visualize contents. So... how about learning some methods to make your workspace amazing? Let's go! :)

Well, the first important thing is to understand what divisions are there for your contents. In Skore we divide them into spaces, sections and groups.

The section is where the content is. The space consists of several sections. And finally, a group is where you organize spaces.

Similarly, we can think of a library, where the group would be the 'Adventure' corridor, the space would be a 'Fantasy' bookcase, the section would be 'J. K. Rowling' and the content, the book 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'. Got it? Great!

After including all the content you need and organizing it, let's start personalizing the workspace.

Content cover image

On the home page, as an admin, you can edit the content that has already been added. Just select the desired space on the sidebar, go to the desired section and, after that, the content you would like to modify.

As the image above shows, when clicking on the dots at the right corner of the content card, we can edit, replace, copy the original link, or delete the content and, when clicking on edit content, we come across this page:

In Local content we can change the space and the section where the content is.

In Content information, by clicking on the dots on the left, we can insert an image or delete the current one - Attention: the ideal size of the image to be inserted is 320 x 120px.

In Title we can change the title of the content and, below, we can write a description.

In topics 3 and 4, we can insert an activity in the content itself and enable the download or not.

Super easy right?

Section cover image

Now, let's talk about sections...

To start the changes here, you will first need to change the space view. Just click on Section, as shown in the image below, and select the option Guide.

Select the section you want to modify:

When you click, you'll see this page:

To edit a section click options > edit section and you'll see this:

Here we can change the name, add or change a description, place the section within another space and add / modify / delete the image of the section. Ideally, this image should be 680 x 240px in size.

Oh, and if on your home there are sections listed in blocks, they will appear like this with the images you just inserted:

Space cover image

Let's talk about spaces...

Well, spaces are edited in a different way.

The first step is to go to the student view. After that, click on the space you want to edit (also on the sidebar or on the page itself). You will come across the screen below. Here, you can click on the gear in the upper right corner and click Edit space image:

You may choose among the images suggested by the platform or upload the image you want to have as the cover of your space. The image must be 1920 x 720px.

And the image you choose will be the same image that appears on your home page if you have a block listing spaces:

Simple, right?

And the groups? Well, groups are just groupings of spaces and, therefore, there is nothing that can be modified or customized in groups.

Now, let's talk about some other customizations...

Other customizations

First we'll click on Go To Admin, on the sidebar:

Click on your user's avatar, at the top right corner of the page and select Settings:

You'll see this page:

This is where you will define a few more things...

By clicking on Branding you will be able to configure the main color of your workspace, in addition to the login screen (550 x 320px). Simply click on Choose file and select the desired image.

At the end, just click on Update.

Still in settings, when selecting Notifications (right below Branding), you can:

  • Enable or disable weekly emails;
  • Insert a header image on this e-mail (ideal format: 564 x 190px);
  • Customize the subject, title and message of this email;
  • Send test e-mails;
  • Customize the invitation e-mail, by inserting a header image or logo.

When enabled, weekly emails are e-mails sent by the platform every week, on Thursdays, bringing the user information about recently added content. This text is customizable.

In the invitation, it is possible to change only the header and logo, adding an image. The text itself is not editable.

Still on Settings, in the Customization tab, you may integrate other tools with Skore (for example, see our integration with Slack), add Plugins and create Terms of Service.


 Customize your workspace with your own HTML, CSS or JavaScript code:

Terms of Service

The Term of Service is an option that you can add and make the users accept before using the platform.

Super easy, right ?!

For help or questions, please contact us (

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