How can I find content on Skore?

Updated 1 year ago by Luiza Aduan

When you login to Skore as an admin account, you will be directed to Skore in the student version and clicking on the Go to admin button will take you to the content management area.

In the admin's home, the first thing you'll see is the feed on the homepage, which shows the latest contents that have been posted on the platform.

⌂ Home 

The Home page displays the content that has been recently shared.

Search tool (student view and admin view)

To search for a specific content, type the keywords in the navigation bar search tool at the top of the page and press the Enter key.

You can find content on Skore by searching almost any term, including:

  • Title and content description;
  • Curator's Insight Terms;
  • Courses names and sections.

Spaces (student view and admin view)

Another way to find content in Skore is to browse through spaces, which are content collections grouped by topic. To view the spaces available to you, go to Spaces in the sidebar.

Go ahead and try it! If you have any questions, just let us know. ;-)

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