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What is a custom domain? When the customer wants to use a URL different than the default, it is necessary to buy a domain on their own, or provide a specific subdomain into where our website will run.

Here is a step by step of 2 options on how you can enable a custom domain on Skore:

Option 01 (simple):

Setting up a custom domain (simple way, which does not require certificate management by the customer, but the entire domain must point to Skore).

  1. Customer: Purchasing the domain (it can be done in any way your company is already familiar with, such as GoDaddy,, etc);
  2. Customer: Sending to Skore Team the details on your Skore URL ( and purchased domain URL ( for example);
  3. Skore: We'll use this information to setup the domain on our end and send you back the DNS to be configure don your end;
  4. Customer: Configuring the DNS in the purchased domain's provider.

Option 02 (a bit more complicated):

Setting up a custom domain (more complex way, which allows the customer to send only one subdomain to Skore, for example,, and with all certificate management responsibilities done by the customer, so there's a need for a technical person on the other side to support us with the setup).

  1. Customer: Purchasing the domain and generating a SSL certificate enabled for NGINX (our web server), at least Class 3, at your ISP;
  2. Customer: Creating an ALIAS for the domain in question pointing to your Skore URL;
  3. Customer: Sending to the support e-mail ( and CS the private key and the certificate (complete chain);
  4. Skore: Setup of the subdomain on our end, enabling HTTPS;
  5. Customer: Track the certificate expiration and resend a new one for update with at least 5 business days prior to its expiration.

Whenever it is necessary to renew the certificate, we will need the same information (certificate key and full chain) for the new certificate, which must be sent to the support e-mail again.

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