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What is Paperbot?

Paperbot is a Slack bot that helps you and your team stay on top of all links that are shared and would eventually be lost in middle of a long channel history. 

How does it work?

  • Add Paperbot to the #channels where you'd like the links to be ingested;
  • Optionally, ask your team to send "opt-in" to the bot through a DM so they can receive the daily/weekly digest;
  • You can always check and search your links on https://web.paperbot.ai

How much does it cost?

Paperbot is free for an unlimited amount of users and content items. 

Will Paperbot be paid in the future?

No, we don't plan to charge for this product. But we will offer an upgrade path for teams/companies wanting to become Skore customers. 

What do you do with my users' data?

We collect your users' email when they opt-in to our newsletter. Their email is never shared outside of this scope nor it's used for any marketing/activation on our end. 

Do you listen to private conversations? 

No, the bot does not listen to any private conversations and it does not have access to data on any channel where it's not invited. 

No, there is no limit of links we can collect. Even if your Slack account is free.

Paperbot is not working for me. What can I do?

We are sorry if the bot is misbehaving for you. We are working on a huge upgrade that will be live by Jan 2020 and will solve all issues with connectivity and uptime. In the meantime, if the bot is not responsive to you, just send us a message using the widget on the right.

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