User roles and management

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Users on Skore may have 3 different roles:


Students may access content and interact with it by answering questions and exams, liking, bookmarking and commenting.


Experts can do everything the student does, but they may also add new contents with or without questions. They may also create sections within spaces. Finally, they can edit contents and delete contents they have added themselves.

Administrator (or admin)

Admins can, of course, do everything the expert does, but they can also create and edit spaces, invite and delete users, create customizations, and change some visual workspace settings.

In addition to these three roles, there is another type of user, the team leader. Leaders are those users who do not have administrator permission but can see their followers' data. To set a user as leader, you need to enter their e-mail in the rows corresponding to their followers on that CSV file that is used to update / register users. We tell you more details about this procedure here.

How do I edit user's information?

  1. Access Settings > Users;
  2. Click the user you would like to edit;
  3. Edit, however you'd like, name, e-mail, profile picture (in Choose file…), teams and role;
  4. Once finished, click Save;
  5. Here you may also click on Delete to remove the user*.

The image and gif below demonstrate this process. Pretty simple, right? =)

Here is also where you may see how many seats you have used and your maximum seat number. You may also filter by role or team.

To delete users in bulk, send us an e-mail at telling us the e-mails of the users that should be removed from the platform.

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