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Updated 11 months ago by Gabriella Khoury

Now that you know everything about pages, we'll let you in on a little secret! Did you know that it is possible to include as many pages as you want in your workspace?

Well, yes! In addition to the Home page, which is the page that users see right after logging into the platform, you can add other pages in the workspace and list them on the sidebar.

See the following example:

On the sidebar, in addition to the usual buttons (Home, Bookmarks, Go to Admin) is displayed, along with other possible plugins, the button for the Missions page.

When clicking on this button, the user will be directed to this page, which is different from Home and, in this case, contains only missions:

The behaviour can be seen in the following gif:

According to your objective, you can, for example, include only missions on a separate page and make that page available to a specific audience of users. The possibilities are almost endless!

Talk to your CS to:

  1. Designing the additional pages (besides the Home);
  2. Including these pages in your workspace:
    1. Decide in which order these pages will be shown;
    2. Decide the text which will be shown in each button;
    3. Decide the icon which will be shown next to the text;
    4. Choose the audience (teams and users) of each page.
  3. That's it, your CS will pass along your request to the technical team and soon your workspace will prove to be even more versatile.

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