Applique Integration:

Applique is an e-Learning content tool designed for non-technical people.

It allows you to create online courses, with some progress features, text and image inclusion, collect feedback, etc.

The integration with Skore allows these courses to be reproduced within the platform.

How does the integration work?

The provisioning API is used to send metadata that correlates course and user in the URL.

Through this data correlation, Applique is able to send to Skore the progress and completion information from the user on a specific course.


For a customer to integrate Applique with Skore, the company must have an account on this external service with the courses they wish to view.

Add content: Integration is simple, it is enough for Applique that the specific course link to be added to Skore via "link" type content. Important to note: The URL needs to be htttps, otherwise, the content won't play as it should.

Inserting Applique courses on Skore

To insert Applique content, you only need to follow 2 simple steps:

  1. Inside Applique, enter the "Publish" tab of the course and leave the tracking option enabled and SCORM disabled;
  2. Now, copy the course preview link and insert it via the Skore platform link.
  3. Check if the link is an https or http - if the link is http, please get in touch with Applique support and they can provide the appropriate https link. 
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