Team automation

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Team automation is, as the name says, a way to carry out the inclusion of users in teams in an automated way.

In a Typeform form, users will have access to questions that will direct them to specific teams, according to the administrator's strategy, for example: improving knowledge, topics of interest, soft skills, etc.

For the automation to reach its goal, it is first important to be dedicated to the creation of the contents, so that they will already be pre-established for the teams when the feature is triggered.

Then, admins must define the specific teams for each content or theme and think about the questions for the Typeform form. It is better for the questions to be objective and open, not limited to yes or no answers. Here goes an example:

In the example above, the user could answer:

Yes: with this answer, the user is not included in any teams, as he or she demonstrates to know enough about the topic;

No: with this answer, the user is included in Team X, which has access to an exclusive track and relevant contents on the topic to improve knowledge;

Yes, but I would like to know more: likewise, with this answer, the user is sent to team X, which will show them exclusive contents and tracks.

Talk to your CS to get the necessary guidance and implement the integration with the Tech team.

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