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Pages are a new way to organize content consumption and showing content to Skore users.

Before we start, it's important that some concepts and names are clear, for example, the differences between groups, spaces, sections and contents. 

First, let's learn how thing are called in Skore and then show what's possible to do in pages. 

This information is very important because the more structured and organized your workspace is, the easier it will be to design the page to users.

Skore nomenclature

A group is a collection of spaces.

A space is the place in which it is possible to include content and separate it into sections.

Sections and contents within space:

Space, sections and contents:

What is a card?

Card is the name of the box container that directs users to spaces, sections or content.

And what are blocks?

Blocks are ways to organize which and how cards are exhibited.

Page possibilities

It is possible to add:

  • Spaces from a certain group (presentation of space cards);
  • Contents from a certain space (presentation of content cards);
  • Contents from a certain section (presentation of section cards);
  • Specific spaces (presentation of space cards);
  • Specific sections (presentation of section cards);
  • Missions.

Blocks may either be presented in a list or carousel layout.

List blocks

In this layout, cards are presented in rows of three cards each and it's possible determine the numbers of cards that will be presented.

In this layout only 3 cards are presented at a time, the others being available when clicking the right arrow, like Netflix, for example.

Missions blocks

Specific examples

In this layout, the block shows 3 cards (either contents or spaces or sections) at a time. When you click on the right arrow, the next card is exhibited.

Carousel block consisting of contents from a space or section:

Carousel block consisting of contents from a space or section:

Blocks (list style):

The contents listed may come from:

  • a specific space;
  • a specific section;
  • specific contents;
  • chef recipes;
  • etc.

In the image above, you see a list block showing 6 contents in total. You may decide the number of cards presented. We always recommend multiples of 3 as it looks better on the page.

Missions single block:

Here, all the missions available for the user are shown a the single block, whether they are completed or not.

Missions separated into to do or completed blocks:

Missions are separated in two blocks, one block with missions to do and another with completed missions.

The quantity of blocks and the order in which they will be presented depends on your strategy.
According to each user's permissions, each one may have a different visualization of the page.

To configure and alter your page, talk to your CS. They can help you with that. :)

In case of any questions, please contact us (

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