What is a page on Skore?

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After all, what are Pages?

Pages are ways to structure and organize content consumption within Skore. You can think of them as the platform's home page or the first view your users will have when they access the tool.

It may seem like a simple concept, however, the construction of a page has the power to direct the learning process of users in a personalized way and also indicate the most relevant contents for each profile.

Pages consist of different blocks of contents that can be combined and recombined in various ways to create unique experiences for different areas, teams and users.

In other words, your business will have multiple environments tailored to each of its goals in one place, while users have a platform built specifically for their profile.

What are the elements of a Page?

As we said earlier, Pages are made up of blocks of contents that can be used for different purposes. There are three main blocks: missions (knowledge tracks), content listing and personalized user recommendations.

1. Missions: In this block you can list the different learning tracks in a pre-established order in which the user needs to consume them. These include pending missions (with or without due date), ongoing missions, and highlighted missions. Furthermore, there is still the possibility to sort missions in alphabetical order, but as the ordering follows the ASCII table, upper case letters precede lower case letters, which precede accented letters. This organization model is not standard, so it's necessary to request the change to your CS.

2. Content listing: These blocks are for listing specific content. They are very useful for gathering frequently consulted materials: most viewed content, quick access materials, and more. There are plenty of opportunities for using listing blocks.

Content listing blocks:

Space listing blocks:

Section listing blocks:

3. Recommendations: This block will always list contents using the intelligence of our recommendation system. Thus, the order of the contents is not completely defined by the administrator, it is formed from the processing of recommendation rules linked to the profile of each user or team.

These blocks have may have two different visualization formats: carousel or simple listing.

An important note: regardless of which blocks that are used, every presented content follows the user permission rules, guaranteeing information security. Different teams will only have access to materials that are authorized for them.

There is no recipe for corporate education. The Pages' purpose is to provide the freedom and flexibility you need in this process.

If you have any questions, let us know at support@skore.io.

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