Typeform integration

The integration with Typeform lets you know which specific users have responded to the form.

It requires your company to have a dedicated account on Typeform. Once you have your account and your form, there are a few simple rules to configure the integration.

Integration configuration

  1. Hidden fields setup:

Once the customer has created the form in Typeform, the first step to a successful integration is to set up the hidden fields. 

Here goes how to set up the hidden fields.

Inside Typeform, when setting up your form, click the plus icon (+), and select Hidden Fields as in the image below:

Now, include the following fields: name, username, id, email, provisioning_id and session_id.

  1. Enabling the webhook:

The second step for the integration is the webhook connection. You need to configure the form to send responses to Skore 3's Heartbeat. To do this, simply enter the form and following the path: CONNECT > WEBHOOK > Add a webhook, enter the following URL in the field:

https://knowledge.skore.io/integration/v1/survey/typeform/events?key=0000, save and enable it.

We provide the link above so that you can insert it into webhook. For the URL configuration, in the end key = 00000 must be replaced by the company id. Example: if the company id is 5748, the end of the URL must be set to key=5748. If you don't know your company ID, simply e-mail us at support@skore.io and we'll tell you.

  1. With this step completed, the Provisioning API is now enabled to send the data in the URL that fills the hidden fields - in other words, you'll have the information of who was the user and what content was responded;
  2. Adding a Typeform content to Skore is very simple! Just add it as a link type content and the integration happens seamlessly, as long as all the previous steps have already been properly configured. 
When copying the Typeform link to share it, it will come with hidden fields filled with 'xxxx' in the URL. This whole part is not required when adding the link in Skore. So just add the URL until the question mark. for example: https://skore.typeform.com/to/TivKQK

How does the integration work?

Once Skore is integrated with your Typeform account, just enter the form link and it will be recognized by the Provisioning API.

When the Provisioning API delivers the content to the player, it will already deliver the form with the ID, name, email fields filled in, so you may find out which users have responded to the form.

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