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User experience is one of the main aspects for a successful platform. That's why we developed this incredible feature. Check it out!

In this article you can read about:

  • What is Content Consumption;
  • Feature behaviour;
  • Consumption in missions.

The Content Consumption feature emerged as an evolution of the simple concept of access. Consumption will reveal whether the user actually consumed certain content.

As the contents that are most used in Skore are videos and PDFs, the most specific criteria for consumption were defined for these types of content.

The other types of content already have data capture, but in a less accurate way.

See the criteria established for defining consumption below.

Consumption of videos and PDF files

  1. Consumption is only counted while the user is playing the video, that is, if the video is paused or running on another tab, consumption is not counted.
  2. If the user is reviewing a part of the video, the consumption account is not supplemented;
  3. If the user increases the speed of reproduction or goes offline, consumption continues to be counted;
  4. The consumption criterion for a video is 80%. That is, if the user has consumed 80% of the video in the conditions explained above, the video is considered as consumed.
  1. The consumption is counted per page, being necessary that the user remains at least 6 seconds in the same one so that it is considered consumed;
  2. Reviewing a page does not affect consumption;
  3. If the user goes offline and consumes the PDF, their consumption is captured when the user goes back online;
  4. The consumption criterion for a PDF is 80%. That is, if the user has consumed 80% of the PDF pages in the conditions explained above, the PDF is considered as consumed.

Consumption of other formats 

The consumption of other formats is counted as 100% if the user remains at least 6 seconds on the content.

Consumption in missions

A new success criteria for missions has been created.

For the admin, when creating or editing a mission, the consumption (Consumo) option appears among the success criteria.

If the admin saves the step with this criterion, the audience of this mission will have to consume at least 80% of the content to be successful in this step, as explained above and shown below:

Attention: The consumption of a content that was made before the launch of this feature will not be considered. The user must consume again if they want to reach the consumption criterion.

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