What exactly can an expert do?

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Experts can do everything the student does, but they may also add new contents with or without activities. They may also create sections within spaces. Finally, they can edit contents and delete contents they have added themselves. Let's get into the details.

Starting with the sidebar...

Once logged in, an expert will have practically the same view as any other student user: the contents brought out on the page will respect their permissions, as well as the spaces on the sidebar. A notable difference is that they'll also see the Go to Admin button, as the expert may also add content.

Notice, however, that the expert will not be able to see the Missions Management or the Reports, unlike administrator users.

In the Admin area

After clicking on Go to Admin, the expert will also have a different view of this area when compared to the one that administrators have.

  1. The expert does not have access to platform Settings;
  2. The expert does not have access to reports in the Admin area;
  3. The expert cannot add groups or spaces;
  4. Unlike administrators, the only spaces that will be shown to experts are the ones to which they have access permission.

However, notice that the expert is allowed to add content. Check out the Add content icon in the top right corner.

Adding content

When clicking on the icon for adding content, the expert will see the following:

Therefore, the expert, just like the administrator, will be able to add link, upload and text contents, with or without activities. To know how to add these contents, click here.

Experts, however, are not able to add Exams.
On the space page...

On a space (to which the expert has access permission) page, the expert will see the Options button. Therefore, an expert will not be able to change space settings, such as permissions and layout.

They may, however, add new sections. In order to do that, they have to simply click on the option new section. The following window will be shown, in which they can add the Section Name, its Description and choose or delete an image file for this section.

Experts may include new sections within a space. However, they cannot edit these sections or reorder them. That way, only the administrator can edit and reorder sections if necessary.
Experts are able to add contents and sections within spaces to which they have access permission.

Once the expert has added new contents, they will be able to edit or delete them, as shown in the gif below:


The expert will see, in the Admin area, contents that other users have added. However, these contents cannot be either edited or deleted by the expert.

Besides, experts cannot substitute contents, not even those they added themselves.

If you have any doubts, just let us know! =)

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