How to create an exam or an activity on Skore

Exams and activities are designed to test users' knowledge of a specific topic or content.

The grade of an exam or content activity works the following way:

  • If the evaluation consists of 10 questions, each question is worth 10 points;
  • If the evaluation consists of 2 questions, each question will then be worth 50 points, meaning that the questions's worths always add up to 100 points.

In Skore, you can create your exams, you just need to click on the Add content (+) icon in the admin's area and then select the option Exam:

A new exam is a content and you need to complete the following steps to create them: content title, description (optional), space and section in which this content should be allocated (if you're still unsure about what a space or section is, check this article out).

The Content questions option is mandatory in exams but you can choose two types of questions:

1 - Essay questions

In this option, the user can answer the question openly, there is no predetermined right or wrong answer.

To select this kind of question, click on the button as in the image below:

For this type of question, it will be necessary for the admin to evaluate the answers given by the users as right or wrong.

2- Multiple choice questions

In this option, there is a mandatory (and unique) correct alternative. You must type the question, and place the alternatives (to add a new alternative, click Add alternative) and select the correct option.

To select this kind of question, click on the button as in the image below:

To insert a new question in the exam, you must click on the Add question option, as in the image below:

You can later include the exam in a mission and set a minimum grade for that exam, as well as the retry option.

Adding questions to a content

You may also include an activity directly into a content.

To do that, you need to edit the content, clicking on edit content:

In the Content details page, enable the option Would you like to add questions to this content? and then create the activity following the same steps to create questions in exams.

Essay questions evaluation

To evaluate essay questions, you may check every worksheet that was completed by the users. Go to Settings > Worksheets.

On the Worksheets page, the worksheets with essay questions will be presented on the Not Evaluated tab. Then you will need to click on Evaluate:

You need to enter each worksheet and correct it manually. In addition, you can leave a feedback for the user. However, this feedback will only be shown to the user in case the answer is wrong and the option to retry it is enabled.

Checking the users's results

There are two ways to check how many points a user scored on an activity.

The first one is to look on the same Worksheets page mentioned above, selecting the Evaluated tab. You may filter the worksheets by team, space, section and content.

Oh, by the way, once you evaluate a worksheet, it will move from the Not Evaluated to the Evaluated tab.

The other way to see the users's results in questions is through our analytics.

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